As all hospitality industry venues are facing increasing costs, low staffing issues, and wider digital marketing challenges. There are now more reasons to engage with an experienced Marketing Consultant who specialises in the hospitality industry, like our founder James Day. Now is the best time to look at a fresh new approach to your marketing needs.

There are several reasons why a restaurant owner may want to consider engaging with us as a hospitality marketing consultant to help your business:

  1. Expertise and Experience: We bring a wide range of expertise and experience to the table. We have worked with various types of restaurants and have seen what works and what doesn’t work over the years, and more recently applied tried and tested cost-effective solutions. We provide insights into the latest marketing trends, techniques, and tools that can help your restaurant stand out from the competition, whilst cutting your costs at the same time!
  2. Time and Resource Saving: Running a restaurant is a full-time job, and you as a restaurant owner may not have the time or resources to devote to marketing efforts. Hiring us can free up valuable time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of business operations. Do what you’re good at, and hire someone who adds value to other areas.
  3. Objectivity: Sometimes, as a restaurant owner you may be ‘too close’ to your business to see it objectively. We can provide an unbiased perspective, identifying areas that need improvement and recommending solutions.
  4. Cost-Effective: We can help maximise a marketing budget, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively to achieve the desired, and measurable results.
  5. Increased Revenue: We help increase revenue by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones through various tools and activities. We help develop effective marketing strategies and campaigns that target the right audience and drive traffic to your restaurant.
  6. Save on Employee Costs: As consultants are freelance, then costly full time employment costs such as Employee/er tax, NI, insurance etc are not needed. We will cover these ourselves out of our fees. Once the contract ends, costs are not on-going and no redundancy costs, as our marketing support is project based or on a short fixed term.
  7. Results Led: By nature, our quotes are geared to deliver results. So any expenditure is costed often returning a high ROI, or often our projects are self funding with measurable results throughout.

Overall, engaging with us, or even asking us to explore your needs and provide a quote, can deliver valuable insights and expertise, save time and resources, provide an objective perspective, and help increase revenue.

As about our free ‘Digital Health Check and Data Clean’ to provide an overview of your digital footprint across the web, and how we can improve your impact and engagement. 


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