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Do you provide one of the ‘100 GREATEST BRITISH GourmetXperiences’?

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We are are seeking to partner with 100 of Britain’s most exciting new chefs, cookery schools and producers to work with.

Through our active and engaged ‘GourmetXperiences’ community, we promote the very best of seasonal, sustainable British cooking through special experiences – whether it’s a wine tasting at a vineyard or a taster menu from a top chef.

Gourmet gift experiences are the fastest growing consumer market amongst high-spending individuals seeking unique, memorable experiential gifts that showcase the best of British hospitality, and as the market leader on Google organic search terms, we can help you tap into that market through our ‘Gourmet Experiences’ platforms.

Becoming a GREATEST BRITISH member means we’ll promote your venue or experience directly to our Gourmet Experiences community, who can purchase experiences directly or with GREATEST BRITISH GourmetXperiences and gifts. On redemption, you’ll get up to 100% of the revenue – All our admin, credit and marketing fees are built into our competitive one-off annual ‘Membership’ packages. We even help reduce your day-day on-line booking costs to zero!

We don’t work with High Street brands or big chains – instead, we seek out independent partner venues that reflect our ethos of promoting seasonality, sustainability and exceptional service – including Michelin and other accredited chefs, leading British food and drink producers and ‘Greatest British Cookery School’ members.

While the industry faces challenges of rising costs and stay-at-home-diners, there’s now a tremendous opportunity to provide more added value to consumers who want something more from their dining out experiences, hotel stay or brand purchase, via our fully opted in high spending gourmet consumers and supporting digital platforms.
Attracting new high spending consumers.
We have teamed up with national retailers, who will be promoting our GourmetXperiences to over 1/4million opted in food consumers seeking immersive experiences and gourmet gifts leading up to Christmas. Purchasers will be sent to your business, many during January-Spring 2020 when our industry needs them!
ZERO% Commission Membership Packages.
Providing you with low or zero cost of sales on redemptions.
PLUS zero fees on day-to-day table bookings. Potentially saving your business £1000’s per annum.

A percentage of revenues will be donated to industry charities.
You can nominate your preferred charity, or take 100% of redemptions revenues for your business.

GREATEST BRITISH and you – together, we’re the perfect sustainable package!

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Launching the ‘100 GREATEST BRITISH GourmetXperiences’ during British Food Fortnight from September 21st 2019. Supported by our premium printed guide for 2020 GourmetXperience seekers.

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