Greatest British Gift Solutions

  • What are Greatest British Gift Solutions?
    • Gourmet Xperience Gift vouchersGreatest British Monetary Gift Solutions are premium branded Gift Vouchers, gift cards and E-gifts accepted at independent accredited restaurants, hotels and experience providers UK wide.
    • Selected venues ONLY are invited to accept these vouchers – maintaining quality and premium association.
    • Each individually numbered.
      • Sold at multiple promotional outlets and securely on-line here
      • Multi-denomination. £25/£50/£75/£100 to £1000
      • Redeemable at all participating venues
      • ZERO Commission! We take NO commission from participating venues. Paying venues 100% on redemption
      • + 10% added value: To encourage British product trials and support our British partners, we request venues to offer ‘added value’ of up to 10% of face value to the redeemer. eg if £100 voucher redeemed, venue can offer a glass of English fizz, British spirits cocktail, amuse bouche, British cheese taster etc. what-ever you choose to showcase your products or Chef skills.
      • Available for your venue specifically, with Zero Commission as part of our support programme. Enquire below.
  • How do they work?
    • Customers visit dedicated secure on-line web page, located on your website, or our dedicated consumer websites & social media platforms.
    • Purchase the voucher for any denomination from £25-£1000 to be redeemed at their chosen venue.
      • Insert personalised gift message on voucher.
    • Vouchers are sent out via Royal Mail post, or gift box Parcel Force or Email.
    • Recipient: Many will be gifts. So the recipient follows the simple instructions to visit our website dedicated ‘redemptions’ page, to see which venues accept the card or certificate at point of booking, or indeed yours if a specific venue purchase. Email our team their redemption request. We then confirm with your team the request & remind them of the terms. You take care of the customer. Send voucher to us. We send you 100% of face value!
  • How are they purchased and redeemed by the public?
    • Recipient contact their chosen ICSA school via email stating unique Gift Voucher details incl ICSA ID code
    • School responds within 48 hours confirming acceptance.
    • Course booked the normal way, voucher value noted.
    • Additional costs of course paid at point of booking OR if voucher equal to, or greater than voucher value, credit card deposit taken, to be refunded on attendance.
    • Recipient attends course, with printed voucher. Pays voucher as ‘cash’ off course value as all or part.
    • NO change given. Any remaining value can contribute towards additional purchases.
  • What are the terms of the vouchers?
    • Vouchers are valid for Min. 12 months from purchase, unless otherwise indicated.
    • Non exchangeable. No change given.
  • How are the vouchers promoted?

    We promote the gift cards and certificates extensively across multi channels including:

    • On line: Secure website
    • Social Media:
    • Email: via our extensive gourmet database over 15,000 consumers
    • Google Ads: Paid for campaign leading up to Christmas
    • Additional support? You can help!
      • Please follow the above links and include us in your marketing to help promote the cause of Greatest British Hospitality.
        Once listed, follow the above links, promote your listing via a link to our website and Re-tweet where mentioned.
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