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Sustainable Experience Led Hospitality Industry Marketing Solutions Company. Established 2010

GREATEST BRITISH Hospitality Industry Marketing Solutions Company.

Originally founded in 2010 by hospitality and leisure industry marketer, publisher, and reviewer  James Day (pictured above), created the business following many years’ promoting chefs and hospitality businesses around the UK, whilst recognising the growing needs of their businesses and challenges of the industry, focusing more on the culture of creating sustainable experiences rather than promoting short term offers. Now supported by a dedicated team of industry professionals.

Building on over 30 years dedicated hospitality industry experience, both as a promoter and a consumer,  our founder James Day, a leading hospitality marketing solutions specialist has been providing marketing support and sustainable partnerships for the hospitality industry, including for operators, brands and support organisations at all levels. Originally known as ‘Gourmet Lifestyle – Leisure Marketing Limited’ established in 2010, we are now part of a wider network providing solutions for the industry with our partners.  

From marketing Michelin-accredited chefs and attending National Awards ceremonies to interviewing some of the finest culinary masters of Britain, alongside nurturing some of the nation’s most innovative chefs from pop-ups to award winners, he brings a wealth of industry experience.

James’s passions aim to support hospitality operators who have a unique story to tell, enabling them to become more engaged with gourmet lifestyle-seeking food lovers looking to discover, explore and engage with Britain’s rich variety of chefs, cookery schools and artisan producers.

James was made a ‘British Food & Drink Ambassador’ in 2020 for his services to the industry.

He is also Director of Operations for Not-for-profit ‘ICSA” the Independent Cookery Schools Association.

GourmetXperience Collection – Home of inspiring culinary adventuresGourmetXperience Collection. Supporting Chefs, Cookery Schools and Producers.


The GourmetXperience Collection is the brainchild of life-long gourmet lover, food writer, brand consultant, and British Food Ambassador, James Day. Founded over 10 years ago, GourmetXperiences brings you the UK’s most unique, inspiring and memorable dining experiences – so you can discover the best of the country’s thriving food scene.

James has always believed that eating isn’t just about food. It’s about where your food is from, how it’s cooked, where you eat it and most importantly the people you share with – these are the ingredients that create the experiences we all remember.

GourmetXperiences bring together a hand-picked collection of gifts, dining experiences, food-led short breaks and cookery courses from Britain’s most outstanding chefs, artisan producers and pioneering cookery schools. Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, a GourmetXperiences gift card is the perfect present.

Unique Membership Benefits.

Throughout James career, he has always sought to establish long term, sustainable relationships between not only himself and his customers, but more importantly his trade customers and their consumers – ‘Customer loyalty is king –  Railing against expensive over priced ‘Marketing agencies’ who charge high fees to unsuspecting operators, often to the benefit of the agency, and not the best interests of their clients.

Sustainable Solutions

In recent years, the Greatest British Hospitality Co. team have created a new generation of support, based on ‘packages’ which bundle all the key marketing ingredients that most hospitality venues need, priced ‘sustainably’ so support can continue both in the busy times and as we are all experiencing now, the more challenging times. ‘The time to promote is in a down turn’ comments James ‘consumers are more susceptible to listen and engage when they are in  a state of uncertainty, so we deliver long term, affordable support solutions to get our clients through to better times ahead – and cut their costs at the same time’.

Trade Support with Consumer Solutions

Business activities support a new generation of grass-roots chefs, cookery schools and producers, and share their passion for fresh British produce and warm hospitality, inspiring James to create a whole new genre of experiential ‘Gourmet Gifts’ celebrating the diversity and passions of the Greatest of British hospitality.

‘GREATEST BRITISH GourmetXperiences’

Our GourmetXperiences membership driven B2C digital and print platforms provide immersive gourmet gifts and experiences celebrating seasonality, sustainability and exceptional British hospitality. Each unique ‘GourmetXperienc’e is provided by accredited chefs, hospitality venues, cookery schools, artisan producers and recognised British lifestyle brands. Transforming the special to eXtra special.

Greatest British Hospitality Company.

Built around a deep respect for the diversity, sustainability, seasonality and service of Britain’s hospitality industry. These core values underpin all the products and services on offer throughout our membership driven network. Supporting our partner hospitality lifestyle businesses with cost cutting services including:

√  Targeted marketing solutions,
Digital media support,
Low and zero cost gift vouchers and on-line booking solutions,
Imagery from photography to videography.
Reduced rate associate supplier partnerships,




NOTE: The ‘GREATEST BRITISH HOSPITALITY Company’ is the trading name for ‘Gourmet Lifestyle-Leisure Marketing LTD’ est. 2010

Dedicated tried and tested hospitality marketing support.

√ Experience, over 30 years dedicated to the industry at all levels.
√ Sustainability, via our support packages, delivering pro-active, repeatable results at reduced costs
√ Clarity, of message to our clients and theirs to our consumers
√ Flexibility, of work methods to support the needs of your business
√  Realism, in application and deliverability.
√ Transparency, no hidden costs, nasty surprises or ‘marketing speak’!

Our aim is to reduce operating costs for our Members and Partners to provide sustainable consumer driven business solutions.


We partner with leading independent British hospitality businesses like yours, who are focussed on our core values of sustainability, seasonality, regional produce sourcing and support for British suppliers.

We also seek out partnerships with producers and suppliers who champion animal welfare and responsible farming.

Our range of services seek to add value at every touch-point, and we offer our partners a commission-free structure on our range of membership options.

Industry Challenges.

Britain’s hospitality industry is a breeding ground for World renowned talent. However this year in particular we have all bene faced by unimaginable challenges.

Read how we are supporting the industry and raising awareness via our collaboration with Hospitality Action via our ‘Gift To Share Experiences’.