As leading providers of commission-free gift voucher and dining experience solutions, we asked our customers why they like our system, over and above others. Below are just some of their (and our) answers. 

13 reasons and ways to deliver commission-free gift voucher and experience solutions:

1. Increased revenue: Offering gift vouchers for restaurants can help boost sales, as people are more likely to buy them as gifts for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. This can help increase revenue for the restaurant.
2. Customer retention: Gift vouchers can help to retain customers, as they provide an incentive for customers to return to the restaurant. If the recipient of the gift voucher has a positive experience, they are likely to become a repeat customer.
3. Brand awareness: Gift vouchers can help to increase brand awareness of your venue, as they provide an opportunity for people who may not have heard of the restaurant to learn about it. This can help to attract new customers and build a loyal customer base.
4. Convenience: Gift vouchers are a convenient way for people to purchase gifts for their friends and family members, as they can be easily purchased online or at the restaurant.
5. Customisation: Our gift vouchers can be customised to fit different occasions and price points. For example, a you might offer gift vouchers for a specific amount or for a specific menu item or package, or even as part of the growing ‘experiential’ gift market.
6. Reduced financial risk: Gift vouchers can help to reduce the financial risk associated with gift-giving, as the purchaser knows exactly how much they will be spending and the recipient is free to choose their own meal or experience.
7. Increased foot-fall traffic: Offering gift vouchers can help to increase foot traffic to your restaurant, as the recipients of the vouchers are likely to bring additional guests with them. This can help to boost sales and create a positive atmosphere in the restaurant. DATA is also gathered, so you can target with additional email communications.
8. Experience Growth: Capitalise on gifting gourmet experiences, such as meal for two with a welcome glass of fizz, or bottle of wine, a tasting menu or even an overnight dine and stay package. As leading providers of these ‘Gourmet Experiences’ which do not show a value so the gifter doesn’t have to put a ‘value’ on their gift and the recipient receives an extra surprise.
9. Sell ahead of quiet periods: Sell special offer gift vouchers with dates to be used during your known quiet periods to guarantee footfall through the door.
10. Take advantage of impulse buyers: So many people now buy on impulse, making it easy to buy from you at the time they are looking (24/7) means you can convert more lookers into buyers whenever, wherever and no matter the time of day they are looking.
11. Not limited to a local audience: because of the very nature of a gift voucher being purchased for a gift, you are no longer only selling to a local audience and gift vouchers can be purchased by relatives and friends overseas for friends and family that they know and love your venue.
12. Build a loyal audience: offering gift vouchers is a great way to build a contact list, the money is in the list and being able to access your own sales data, and contact details allows you to re-target customers with new offers and promotions reducing your reliance on 3rd party experience company.
13. The Freedom to set up and sell whatever you want: Access your own admin control panel and set up and sell any type of gift voucher you would like to, as well as setting your own pricing and policies.

If that’s not enough, our gift vouchers are delivered with NO SET UP FEE! Consumers pay for their P&P and all you pay for is a flat rate credit charge of 5% + Vat on sales!
Our teams take out all the hassle, by processing and sending out the orders, 247!


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