I wanted the new Bibendum to represent where I come from and I want to make sure that comes across, whilst also being mindful of the history already here. I wasn’t about to tear down everything Sir Terence Conran and the other chefs before me had built up over 30 years – customers who have been coming since the beginning will still be able to recognise it as the
same Bibendum in many ways.

It’s been a very personal project for me – when I started thinking about the menu I was thinking a lot about my heritage. That’s why you have dishes like my mum’s tripe and cuttlefish – it’s quintessential Lyonnaise. The idea of using produce from my area was very exciting to me. We are just trying to bring a bit of what we know people liked at Hibiscus and marry that to some of the great classics that Bibendum is known and loved for.

I like to think we have brought some new energy to this historic space. The refurbishment was such a new experience for me. I am not used to dealing with builders, contractors… I’m very happy to be back in the kitchen where I belong.

We didn’t change the space so much that it isn’t recognisable from before, the beautiful stained glass window with Bibendum on his bike are still a prominent feature. What we did re-do is the kitchen, which is now open to the diners.

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to not just cook but to have invested in what I think is a very special restaurant. I plan to live in Bibendum for a good long while. I feel at home here.

Sir Terence Conran with Clude Bosi GourmetXperienceseXclusive Interview with Sir Terence Conran on Bibendum Restaurant

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