What makes a gourmet experience truly special? Is it the chance to learn new cookery skills? The simple pleasures of sampling a menu that creates culinary magic? The opportunity to watch pioneering food producers hone their craft? Or perhaps it’s the once-in-a-lifetime memories and the wealth of inspiration you’ll take home with you?

James Day has made it his mission to answer this question. For over 25 years, he’s immersed himself in the hospitality industry, both as a consumer and a promotor. As a passionate gourmand, James has been at the cutting edge of the culinary world, from marketing Michelin-accredited chefs to nurturing the nation’s most innovative food brands. A deep appreciation for British seasonal produce and excellent hospitality have inspired James to create an entirely new genre of gift experience, known as ‘GourmetXperiences’ – British focused experiences that truly celebrate the very best that the UK’s artisan and independent food scene has to offer.

Greatest British is a pioneering gourmet lifestyle network which celebrates and promotes outstanding food and drink experiences, and makes them available to purchase directly via its consumer-focussed network, and dedicated website Gourmet Experiences.

Through Greatest British, James and his team are launching a new campaign to seek out the country’s 100 best chefs, cookery schools and independent artisan food producers. Launched on Mid-Summers day, June 21st,  the search begins and the final results will be shared on the Gourmet-experiences.co.uk website during British Food Fortnight, which runs from 21st September to 6th October 2019.
James is seeking out English wine producers, artisan distilleries and breweries, pioneering cookery schools, boundary-breaking chefs at Michelin-accredited restaurants, and hotels which have a strong focus on food and drink – all celebrating seasonality, sustainability and exceptional hospitality.

To be eligible, experience providers must be independent, environmentally aware promoting sustainability, focussed on sourcing British seasonal produce and either industry-accredited or recognised for excellence.

Each of these “100 GREATEST BRITISH GourmetXperiences” will then be available for consumers to purchase directly through the Gourmet Experiences website, either as a unique experience for themselves or as a wonderful gift for friends, colleagues or loved ones. Each profiled in the premium lifestyle printed guide 2020, released this Autumn.

“A memorable, food-led experience is peppered with so many things – where the ingredients are from, how they’re prepared, the ambience of your environment, the people you’re enjoying it with. These are the things that create the experiences we remember,” says James.

“Since I entered the British hospitality industry, there’s been nothing short of a food revolution – with chefs more focussed than ever on local produce, seasonal ingredients and excellent hospitality – and Britain has finally taken its’ place on the global culinary map.

“While the industry has faced challenges around of rising costs and stay-at-home-diners, there’s now a tremendous opportunity to provide more value to consumers who want something more from their hotel stays and dining out experiences.

“They want the kind of memorable experiences that last a lifetime, so by pushing the boundaries of what restaurants, cookery schools, food producers and venues normally offer, we can provide the industry with a sustainable way to attract and maintain guest loyalty – as well as providing unique gourmet experiences directly to consumers.”

Potential experience providers and venues can find out more at our dedicated trade members web pages:  www.greatestbritish.org.

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