Chef Suree Coates has become a regular at British food festivals. Much acclaimed for her focus on traditional Thai cooking, fused with seasonal regional ingredients at the House of Lords, and more recently crowned Midlands Best Restaurant by the prestigious Waitrose Good Food Guide 2016 and as a ‘Hidden Gem’ 2018.

“Every night, people will find me at the stove of The King and Thai, in Shropshire. I’m ever-present; I’m not the sort of chef who flies the nest to do personal appearances or star turns elsewhere. When people come to my restaurant they know exactly who’ll be cooking their food: me.”

Named best Thai chef in the UK. Winning the 2012 Thai Chef of the Year for the whole of the British Isles . Chef Suree’s success was down to one simple ingredient: authenticity. Though she likes to play with presentation and make her food as pretty and artistic as can be, the flavours that her guests taste are, she insists, the same as those that she first cooked back in Thailand.

Shehasafondnessforgreatpresentation and decorates her dishes vibrantly, with edible flowers and other ornamentation making her food as pleasing on the eye as it is on the palate. She has also developed a remarkable repertoire as a pastry chef, creating dishes that tantalise the tastebuds and are as pretty as a picture.

“I’m obsessed with food. At the weekends I love to stay in the kitchen and come up with new creations. The possibilities for food are endless: the only limit is your imagination.”

“My passion for Thai cuisine has never dimmed. It’s my way of sharing my culture. Thai food is the freshest in the world. It’s healthy, it’s about great flavour and it’s about being creative and daring. I’m sharing the food of my childhood and my life. It’s for other people to adapt, enjoy and eat. I hope they relish every mouthful.”