GREATEST BRITISH gifts celebrate the accredited Chefs, Cookery Schools, Producers and Gourmet Breaks. Selecting independent Chefs, and highlighting their unique approaches to British sourced, sustainable cuisine.

Each venue, school and exclusively created ‘GourmetXperience’ aims to make the special, eXtra special!

Received a Gourmet Gift? Below is how to redeem.

GourmetXperience Monetary Certificate:

Useable as ‘Cash’ against partner related purchases in participating accredited venues across the UK. These include accredited cookery Schools, over 150 independent ‘Best Loved’  hotels where you can dine and stay at selected locations.
To Redeem: Simply register here, requesting the venue and preferred dates and we will put them in touch with you.
Also redeemable of our ‘Gourmet Gift’ shop and at our ‘GourmetXperience’ members – many listed on our website in ‘venues here‘Not one to suit your tastes? New venues are being added daily. See below to register for more. T&C’s here.

GourmetXperience Gift Ticket:

 These are eXclusively created with our partners to celebrate the Greatest British Chefs and cuisine. Each eXperience packaged up to offer eXclusive added value and British ingredients that money cannot normally buy.

To Redeem:
 Simply register here, detailing your GourmetXperience with unique reference code, and when and where you would like to redeem it. We will then put you in touch to book. T&C’s here.

GourmetXperience Voucher samples
Extra Tasty Benefits:
Each of our Gourmet Gifts and GourmetXperiences also include ‘Taster’ membership to our ‘GREATEST BRITISH GourmetXperiences Club. Enabling additional access to exclusive news, reviews, interviews and offers with our partner chefs, cookery schools, producers and providers. Extra tasty benefits include discounts off our partners products including Lakeland Stores, CKBK recipe platform, magazine subscriptions and food home deliveries!Once you register your Gourmet Gift Certificate or GourmetXperience above, you will be automatically registered for annual membership to the worth £35, including a £10 discount off your next purchase!You can opt-out at any time, or indeed upgrade for extra benefits and offers. Details in your welcome email.

Monies donated to nominated industry charities. See each GourmetXperience for details. 

NOTE: See terms on reverse of all vouchers. Each subject to availability, non transferrable, non refundable.

REGISTER: New venues being added weekly. If there are non available now to suit your tastes or location, do not despair. Register your email INCLUDING your unique ticket ref details, and location here, and we will inform you as new venues, features and GourmetXperiences are added throughout the year. There will be something, somewhere to suit everyone’s tastes.

Thank you for joining the GourmetXperience network – Celebrating GREATEST BRITISH Accredited Chefs, Cookery Schools, Venues & Producers.