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  • What are GourmetXperiences?

    ‘GREATEST BRITISH GourmetXperiences are ‘immersive, inspiring and accessible gourmet gifts’ held in a collection of selected independent, accredited Chef led venues, interactive cookery schools and artisan producers, who each provide a unique food led experience for the aspiring gourmand and lifestyle seeker.

    Each celebrate the Best of British Chefs, their venues and seasonal, sustainable British produce, showcasing what the chef or venue specialises in, supported by exceptional service standards. The more they push the boundaries and the more exclusive the elements, the more they will sell to encourage loyal high net worth individuals, and potentially raise money for good causes.

    The ‘100 GREATEST BRITISH GourmetXperiences’, which each push the boundaries of food led immersive experiences and added value, display the ‘100 Greatest British GourmetXperiences 2020’ kite mark.

    Gourmet gift experiences are the fastest growing consumer market amongst high-spending individuals seeking unique, memorable experiential gifts that showcase the very best of British hospitality.

    We aim to keep things as simple as possible for our chef and restaurant partners to create and operate.

    We can help you tap into that market through our dedicated Gourmet Experiences media platforms, high end consumers and retail partners. Through our active and engaged Gourmet Experiences community, we promote the very best of seasonal, sustainable British cooking through special experiences – whether it’s a wine tasting at a vineyard or a taster menu from a top chef.

    Becoming a Greatest British member means we’ll promote your venue or experience directly to our Gourmet Experiences community, who can purchase experiences directly or with ‘Greatest British’ monetary certificates. On redemption, you’ll get up to 100% of the revenue with are partner upgrades, or a no cost, low rate commission, covering our admin, credit and marketing fees. The choice is your to suit your business needs.

    Each GourmetXperience has three key elements:

    (these are general examples, each venue is different)

    I) The charged for element. ie: Restaurant current main menu/Tasting menu/Cookery course.
    eg: 4 course tasting menu £50. This is what the customer pays for the GourmetXperience on line. Gift wrapped and sent to them with a private message.
    OR a Cookery School half day knife skills course for £85.

    II) Added value tangible ‘British’ element (+min 10% of the charged for element, above.)
    eg: If above tasting menu is £50 add 10% (£5 per person) of perceived ‘value’ not charged for to showcase your ‘Greatest British’ ingredients i.e. A Welcome English Sparkling Wine on arrival, or a British spirit cocktail. Another option would be a selection of British Cheese, aperitif or appetisers totalling 10% or more of element I)
    OR a Cookery School includes an item from your cookery shop worth over £8.50.

    III) Exclusive element ‘money cannot buy’ showcasing chef skills/location/ethos.
    ie Tour of kitchens, or gardens. Or for Chef /sommelier to visit the customers table and talk about their core ethos. Or perhaps a special amuse-bouche brought to table etc. The more exclusive, pushing the boundaries, the more you will sell!
    OR a Cookery School may add some additional knife tips from your Chef tutor during the course.

    Sales Options:

    i) Charity: Chef/venue can either choose to donate an element of the funds to their chosen charity. These can be a limited number of experiences, or a period of time when redeemed. Paid to charity on redemption OR if a unique one off experience, it can all go to their charity to help raise funds/profile. We also profile the charity & promote via social media.

    ii) Profit Sales: OR Chef/venue can choose to profit for their business. Select one of our support ‘Partner Membership’ packages below.


    Official ‘Experience’ provider to ‘Lakeland Retail Limited’ and their myLakeland membership of over 1/4 Million food consumers. 



    Official ‘Experience’ provider to “ICSA” The Uk’s official accrediting body for Independent Cookery Schools. Delivering immersive experience led cookery courses to over 100,000 lifestyle food students via over 30 accredited cookery schools annually. 


  • Who do we work with?

    Greatest British works with some of the country’s most pioneering chefs, restaurants, hotels, cookery schools, vineyards, distilleries, food producers and foraging experts – and we’re always looking to form strong and long-term partnerships with more.

    Becoming a Greatest British member means you’ll be in good company – some of the venues we work with include:

    • Ashburton Chef’s Academy, Devon
    • Bibendum Restaurant
    • Billingsgate Seafood School, London
    • Brookes Restaurant Cookery & Wine School, Oxfordshire
    • Chase Distillery, Herefordshire
    • Cookery School at Little Portland Street, London
    • Demuths, Bath
    • Edinburgh School of Food & Wine
    • Grafene Restaurant & Bar, Manchester
    • Hattingley Valley English Wines, Hampshire
    • Leiths School of Food & Wine, London
    • Lympstone Manor by Michael Caines MBE, Exmouth
    • Macneil’s Smokehouse, Worcestershire
    • Ormer by Shaun Rankin, Mayfair
    • Rosemary Shrager’s Cookery School, Kent
    • SEASON – The Exclusive Cookery School, Hampshire
    • Squires Kitchen International School, Surrey
    • Tante Marie Culinary Academy, Surrey
    • The Cookery School at Daylesford, Gloucestershire
    • The Novelli Academy, Bedfordshire
    • The School of Artisan Food, Nottinghamshire
    • The White Hart Pub & Restaurant, Oxfordshire
    • Vaughan’s Cookery School, Wiltshire
    • Vegeterian Society Cookery School, Manchester
    • Verzon House Hotel, Herefordshire
    • Wild Food UK Foraging Courses
    • Wilmslow Kitchen Cookery School, Cheshire
    • Read more on our members in our ‘Features’ here

  • How does it work?

    Through our partner website, Gourmet Experiences, we offer customers a range of culinary gifts and gourmet experiences at numerous member outlets across the country.

    These gifts and experiences are available for customers to purchase directly through Gourmet Experiences, or they can purchase our monetary gift vouchers from £25 up to £300 to redeem against any gift or experience.

    When you become a member of Greatest British, our extensive Gourmet Experiences customer network will be able to purchase an experience at your outlet through our website.

    If you’re a chef, food producer or cookery school and you don’t currently have an experience-led package, we can also help you to create something special that’s exclusive to Gourmet Experiences customers. We can even help you promote your hotel rooms!

    As a Greatest British member, you keep 100% of the price charged to the customer – or you can choose to donate these profits to a chosen charity. Every time a customer books one of your experiences through Gourmet Experiences, we’ll simply check your availability and confirm the booking directly with the customer, as well as sending them their voucher in the post.

    Please note that our Gourmet Experiences vouchers cannot be redeemed by customers during public calendared events including Christmas, Valentines’ Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday or any other bank holiday dates, unless requested by you.

    Simply choose from one of our simple, one-off annual Membership Packages and we’ll do the rest!

  • What are the membership benefits?

    There are numerous benefits to becoming a Greatest British member, including:

    • Direct sales from high-spending individuals and groups through our Gourmet Experiences vouchers or membership packages – especially at your quietest times of year.
    • Repeat business from high-spending individuals who frequently return to buy again.
    • No commission – you receive up to 100% of revenue on redemption; our rates simply cover credit, admin and marketing.
    • A professionally-written article about your brand in our Features section, which will also appear on our Gourmet Experiences site and be promoted to our community across our social media channels.
    • Continued promotion to our active communities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
    • Regular promotion to our 25,000 email newsletter subscribers throughout the year.
    • A targeted Google Advertising campaign from October 10th to December 24th
    • An entry into our Gourmet Experiences Printed Guides, a premium lifestyle publication celebrating our greatest chefs, cookery schools and producers, plus free copies to sell to your customers.
    • 20% off our specialist hospitality marketing support services including web design and development, branding and logo design, social media management, print materials and press or PR opportunities.
    • For every Printed Guide you sell, we make a commission-free donation to Hospitality Action or your chosen cause.


    Greatest British and you – together, we’re the perfect sustainable package!

  • How much does membership cost?

    We offer a range of tiered ‘Pro-Active Support Marketing Solutions’ to provide membership to our network, delivering your business as much or as little support as you need.

    Choose from one of our zero-commission membership packages below, or if you prefer, you can select our ‘no upfront membership’ option where there’s no cost – we simply charge on experience redemptions.

    Membership Packages 2020/21
    – Each Pro-active period last for 12 weeks.


    • * Reductions on Paid membership sign ups before September 30th 2020
    • Now is the perfect time to become a Greatest British partner; we’ve slashed our fees by £300 on the Main and £500 on the Dessert Package until September 2020
      • Greatest British Collection is one of the best-connected and most influential platforms in the hospitality industry – we can put your restaurant, cookery school or product in front of hundreds of thousands of affluent and highly engaged food lovers – all seeking exceptional gourmet experiences
      • You can run multiple GourmetXperiences each period for £125 per experience – up to 4 with the Taster Package, 6 with the Starter, 8 with the Main or 12 with Dessert
      • You receive 100% cash when a customer buys one of our Gift Certificates or Cards to use at your venue. The Taster Package pays cash on £250 redemptions, the Starter Package pays on £125 redemptions and the Main and Dessert Packages pay on all redemptions, whatever the value.
      • We also offer discounts for venues with multiple sites – simply ask us for details.
      • There’s no contract, no small print and no hidden fees – just lots of delicious benefits!
    • Each venue must also accept Greatest British Monetary Certificates which pay 100% of value back to you on redemption.
    • Pro-active Packages valid for 12 week periods. Commission values continue thereafter.
    • Whichever pro-active package selected is valid for 12 weeks – you cannot change packages within the period.
    • Multiple site discounts available – please ask for details.
    • Each participating venue must agree to honour all GourmetXperiences or equivalent to the value of.
    • Any changes of chef or elements of the experience must be informed immediately.


    No contract, no small print, no hidden fees – just lots of lovely benefits!

  • Anything else?


    • On charity sales, consumers encouraged to redeem January-March after purchase
    • All others are valid for 9 months from purchase, unless otherwise specified
    • Experiences are NOT valid during public calendared events including Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter Monday, Good Friday and any other public bank holiday date


    Charity Initiatives

    • Venues can choose to raise funds for their own charities. Chefs or venues can either choose to donate an element of the funds to their chosen charity – we do not charge commission for charity donations, 100% is donated to their charity direct. These can be a limited number of experiences, or a period of time when sold. Paid to charity on redemption or if a unique one off experience, it can all go to their charity to help raise funds/profile. We also profile the charity and promote via social media.
    • Alternatively, chefs or venues can choose to profit for their business. Simply select one of our support packages above.


    Overnight Accommodation Experiences

    We can help you promote your rooms too – our recent research has proven ‘staycationers’ now seek a more inclusive package with unique, added value elements as part of their dining experience.

    Our Dine & Stay packages are an ideal way to attract more accommodation bookings and maintain the customer spend in your own restaurant.

    Room rates change – often daily. We can accommodate any room standards and rates. Simply create your dining offer based on our Three Ingredient elements. Then we will offer your overnight package as an upgrade option, by providing the customer the option to purchase an additional monetary value voucher towards your room – for example, your GourmetXperience is £85 including all added-value and exclusive element.

    • Accommodation element – We then offer the customer to purchase an additional amount from £100 up to £500 (so the customer pays anything from £185 up to £585) towards best rate accommodation on the night of the booking’.
    • Added value accommodation – We ask you to offer an upgrade from their selected room category where available, i.e. if they wish to book a standard room, upgrade to superior and include a complementary full English breakfast, plus a British gourmet gift in their room (a bottle of English Sparkling wine, seasonal fruit, hamper or welcome British Cocktail on arrival in the bar.
    • They pay the difference! If your rooms are £300 per night, and the customer has paid £100 towards it, they pay the £200 difference. Our customers are high spending individuals – if they wish to stay in the suite, let them book it, and their voucher will help contribute towards it – we reimburse you on redemption.

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