Chef Marketing Support

Sustainable Experience Led Marketing Support For The Hospitality Industry.

The ‘GREATEST BRITISH Hospitality Company’ is a new type of dedicated industry specific agency, created to deliver sustainable marketing solutions to the hospitality industry during this period of critical transition.

Chefs Support

Are you a chef looking for sustainable marketing support from industry professionals?
– For over 30 years we have been supporting independent chefs at all levels, like you, who need support, but perhaps don’t know where to start, or cannot justify sustain expensive agencies, who do not know your business needs.

Are you looking for no nonsense, realistic, flexible and transparent assistance from a team that fully understand the food and drink sector? 
– Our specially created ‘Support Packages’ provide you and a businesses like yours with all the support they may need, to re-assure you that whilst yo are busy running you business, we are pro-actively working on your behalf to help grow your business, protect your margins and watch your back!

Do you need to reach more customers? 
– Who doesn’t? However it’s all about the right customers, and in this current market, loyal high spending customers. Our pro-active support provides you with tools to help attract, convert and retain the right customers, who will return, and help spread the word.

Our membership based pro-active ‘support packages’ offer affordable and sustainable marketing and communications expertise including: 

✅  Targeted marketing solutions
✅  Digital media support
✅  Low and zero cost gift vouchers and on-line booking options 
✅  Imagery from photography to video
✅  Reduced rate associate supplier partnerships
✅  PR

Supported by:

Experience, over 30 years dedicated to the industry at all levels.
Sustainability, via our support packages, delivering repeatable results
Clarity, of message to our clients and theirs to our consumers
Flexibility, of work methods to support the needs of your business
✅ Realism, in application and deliverability.
✅ Transparency, no hidden costs, nasty surprises or ‘marketing speak’!

Our aim is to reduce operating costs for our Members and Partners to provide sustainable consumer driven business solutions.

0% Commissions on core services:

√ Gift Vouchers & Experiences
√ On-line Reservations (see below)
√ Recruitment


Core Customer Base:

√ Cookery Schools
√ Chefs and Restaurants
√ Hotel Venues
√ Food and Drink Producers
√ Gourmet Led British Brands

Core B2C Services:

√ Experiential Gift Creations & Promotions
√ Digital Support & Promotion of ‘GourmetXperiences’
Commission Free:  On-line Bookings Portal, Gift Voucher Solutions & Hospitality Industry Recruitment
√ Marketing Support Services including Design, Photography, Print and Digital
√ Supporting Imagery and Publishing

Making the special extra special

Sustainable, Ethical Support.

Sustainable means repeatable and affordable. Independent Accredited British Hospitality Businesses are selected and invited to participate based on selected criteria:

√ Sustainability
√ Seasonality
√ Sourcing Regionally
√ Supporting British Suppliers

Producers & Suppliers:
√ Championing Animal Welfare
√ Responsible Farming

Commission Free Support Services.

Adding value at every touch point, we believe in cutting costs for hospitality businesses.
0% Commission Guarantees:

√ Gift Vouchers & Experiences
√ On-line Reservations (see below)
√ Recruitment

As a membership driven business, our trade customers are able to upgrade to join our network, to save off their day-to-day variable costs, freeing up budgets to help them market for results.


We partner with leading independent British hospitality businesses like yours, who are focussed on our core values of sustainability, seasonality, regional produce sourcing and support for British suppliers.

We also seek out partnerships with producers and suppliers who champion animal welfare and responsible farming.

Our range of services seek to add value at every touch-point, and we offer our partners a commission-free structure on our range of membership options.

√ On-line Reservations, Fee FREE!



Hungry for more sustainable hospitality marketing solutions?