Greatest British Cookery School Gift Vouchers: ICSA Members Q&A

  • What are ICSA Gift Vouchers?
    • Cookery Schools Gift Vouchers‘ICSA’ Gift Vouchers are branded as ‘GREATEST BRITISH COOKERY SCHOOL‘ Gift Vouchers
    • Each individually numbered. Security paper. Fully traceable.
      • Sold at multiple promotional outlets and securely on-line here 
      • Launch: Ascot Food & Wine Festival
      • Multi-denomination. £25/£50/£75/£100 to £300
      • Redeemable at all participating ICSA Venues
  • How do they work?
    • Customers visit dedicated secure on-line web page here
    • Select their ICSA member school, profiled on the above page, linking to each participating venue to read about specific courses.
      • Purchase the voucher for any denomination from £25-£300 to be redeemed at their chosen school
      • Insert personalised gift message o voucher.
    • OR purchase the voucher to be redeemed at ANY participating ICSA school by the recipient.
      • Purchase as above.
    • Vouchers are sent out via Royal Mail post, or gift box Parcel Force or Email.
  • How are they purchased and redeemed by the public?
    • Recipient contact their chosen ICSA school via email stating unique Gift Voucher details incl ICSA ID code
    • School responds within 48 hours confirming acceptance.
    • Course booked the normal way, voucher value noted.
    • Additional costs of course paid at point of booking OR if voucher equal to, or greater than voucher value, credit card deposit taken, to be refunded on attendance.
    • Recipient attends course, with printed voucher. Pays voucher as ‘cash’ off course value as all or part.
    • NO change given. Any remaining value can contribute towards additional purchases.
  • How do ICSA members redeem their funds?
    • ICSA Member Redemption:
    • On receipt of voucher email from the consumer, email us to confirm voucher ID valid.
    • Once confirmed, accept booking, and welcome student on chosen day.
    • Take voucher as CASH towards course. NO CHANGE GIVEN. Any additional value can go towards further purchases.
    • Note instructions on reverse of voucher. Complete reverse. Post to ‘Gourmet-Lifestyle’.
    • Refund of 90% of purchase value sent to school within 28 days of receipt. (10% commission covers all credit, admin, print and group marketing fees)
    • VIEW sample front and reverse terms of voucher here.
  • What are the costs to ICSA Members?
    • Flat rate commission of 10% of paid value of voucher
    • Covers all credit card, admin, print and ICSA marketing fees.
    • Taken on redemption.
    • Year 2: £285 per annum list option OR FREE if sales of £1000 during previous 12 months achieved.
    • No other costs.
  • What are the terms of the vouchers?
  • How are the vouchers promoted?

    We will be promoting the gift vouchers extensively across multi channels including:

  • Additional Support Options

    ICSA members can also opt to benefit from additional support:

    • GrEAT BRITISH GourmetXperiences Guide 2017GREAT BRITISH GourmetXperiences’ Printed guide:
      • Featuring All participating ICSA schools, plus industry leaders and comment.
      • Sold for £15
      • ICSA members purchase for £10 (including £2 donated by us to Hospitality Action charity)
      • £5 profit (50%) Helps increase student spend and your profit. Ideal for Christmas gifts!
      • Available in boxes of 26, including one FOC to cover postage. Cost £250 + P&P.
      • VAT Exempt!
      • Taster page turner here.


    • “GourmetXperiences”
      • Bespoke pacakges create to attract high end consumers
      • Courses and ‘experiences’ with added value: ie additional 20% of total cost included, if booked via our dedicated website.
      • Celebrating the ‘Greatest British’ ingredients, incl British produce, English wines, British cheeses, extra touches not included in standard courses.


    • GREATEST BRITISH Profile Page:
      • Link from your website to our dedicated web page about your school.
      • Full school profile, including bespoke written feature. Photos and unique elements promoting your school, to all website visitors.
      • Gift vouchers sold from this page are ONLY redeemable at YOUR school!
      • Value of Page £285 + VAT. FOC with link.
      • ASK how else we can help ICSA members with special reduced rates Here
  • We are not yet registered, how do we join?

    All members can accept the ‘GREATEST BRITISH COOKERY SCHOOL‘ Gift Vouchers.

    Not yet registered? Contact us here

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