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Creative support services perfectly plated up for the hospitality industry.


Gourmet gift experiences are the fastest growing consumer market amongst high-spending individuals seeking unique, memorable experiential gifts that showcase the best of British hospitality.

‘The GB GourmetXperiences Collection’ are a selection of the the Greatest British hospitality providers, accredited chefs, cookery schools and producers. We are supporting businesses like yours to maximise the growing Gourmet-experience marketing opportunities, which are now more relevant than ever.

High End Consumers. Marketed to high end, aspiring consumers through our branded ‘GourmetXperiences’ digital platforms and Gourmet Gifts. Through our active and engaged Gourmet Experiences seeking high end consumer community, we promote the very best of seasonal, sustainable British cooking through special experiences – whether it’s a wine tasting at a vineyard or a taster menu from a top chef.

We’re always looking for exciting new chefs, cookery schools and producers to work with in creating new GourmetXperiences.


‘At Home Experience’ Support Solutions

Need further support to promote and list your ‘At Home’ offerings?

We are set to launch our ‘At Home Experience’ section on our partner consumer lifestyle website

From September, our ‘Collection’ will also include premium ‘At Home Gourmet-experiences’.

Showcasing the more exclusive and immersive home dining experiences, with added levels of engagement, to include; cook-along ‘Vlogs’ by their favourite chefs on ‘how to’ prepare their meal to perfection; live webinars to accompany meals, signed recipe books and memorabilia, even crockery and cutlery which the restaurant use, to re-create their favourite restaurant experience.

Also how to make their Christmas Michelin meal, for a home-based dinner party. All listed on our website and featured in our printed guide 2021. (see below).

On-line Ordering: Now also available to list your ‘At Home’ products with a  full-check-out shop for customers to order and you to prep and pack safely, with low cost solutions.

How can we help promote your ‘At Home’ solutions? Contact us here.

Bubble Experiences.

Tap into the growing desire by consumers to seek out and enjoy ‘Bubble-experiences’ with their close friends, families and colleagues. Removing all the worries, uncertainty and stresses from eating out, whilst delivering your business high margin, low labour profitable solutions.

Do you have a private room, or area to turn into an exclusive space for our Bubble-customers? We are able to help create and market these growing experiences to thousands of high end consumers seeking to re-visit missed celebrations, or look forward to future get-togethers without the worries. Sit back, relax and spend!

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Printed this Autumn, this premier publication will feature all the GourmetXperience providers UK wide. Based on our previous publication successes, this year we will celebrate Destination Gourmet Britain.

Profiling each with bespoke features on what makes their restaurant experience unique, and linking to our gift shop. Encouraging self-indulgent treats, Christmas gifts, and even ‘BubbleXperiences’ for those wishing to reserve a restaurant or room, or even a family foraging experience, exclusively for their close family and friends, without the worry of exposure to others.

Regional Profiles: Each region will be profiled as a gourmet destination by our gourmet-lifestyle travel writers. Supported by industry leaders and producers.

Partners: Distribution will be via our partner network of lifestyle destinations. Including accredited independent restaurants, destination hotels, independent cookery schools and purchasers of Gourmet Gift Experiences. Delivered via our partners at Lakeland Retail ‘myLakeland club’ promoted exclusively to over 500K high end foodies. All high net worth consumer members of our GourmetXperience Lifestyle club will receive a copy.

Profits donated to our industry charity partners Hospitality Action.

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Greatest British Collection

Become A Member…Join Our Growing Network.

Becoming a  member of the ‘Greatest British Collection’ means we’ll promote your venue or experience directly to our extensive ‘GourmetXperiences’ community, who can purchase experiences directly or with Greatest British gourmet gift certificates.

On redemption, you’ll get up to 100% of the revenue – All our admin, credit and marketing fees are built into our competitive one-off annual Membership Packages.

We don’t work with High Street brands or big chains – instead, we seek out independent partner venues that reflect our ethos of promoting seasonality, sustainability and exceptional service – including Michelin-accredited chefs, leading food and drink producers and ICSA Cookery School members.

Membership Benefits:

There are numerous benefits to becoming a Greatest British Collection member, including:

  1. Direct sales from high-spending individuals and groups through our GourmetXperiences Gourmet Gifts, monetary certificates or membership packages – especially at your quietest times of year. Promoted via our digital network and our high profile retail partners on-line and the High Street. We are the ONLY experience provider to over 500K high end MyLakeland loyalty club partners!
  2. Repeat business from high-spending individuals who frequently return to buy again.
  3. No commission – you receive up to 100% of revenue on redemption; our Membership Packages cover credit, admin and marketing.
  4. A professionally-written article about your brand in our Features section. Also appearing on our GourmetXperiences  digital platforms and be promoted to our community across our extensive social media channels.
  5. Continued promotion to our active communities with a monthly reach of over 15,000 gourmet influencers on TwitterFacebook and Instagram
  6. Regular promotion to our 25,000 email newsletter subscribers throughout the year, including our consumer focused ‘GourmetXperiences. club’
  7. Targeted Google Advertising campaigns
  8. An entry into our GREATEST BRITISH Printed Guides. Premium lifestyle publications celebrating our Greatest British chefs, cookery schools and producers, plus copies to sell to your customers.
    ‘GREATEST BRITISH 2020/21‘ Kite Mark seal for your website, highlighting your consistency in consumer experience credentials!
  9. 20% off our specialist hospitality marketing support services including web design and development, branding and logo design, social media management, print materials and press or PR opportunities.
  10. For every ‘GourmetXperience’ sold and supporting guides, we make donations to industry charities. Including our adopted industry charity ‘Hospitality Action’ or your chosen cause.

Find out more or join today!

To find out more about becoming a Greatest British Collection member and receive a flavour of how it works, contact us below. If you’re ready to sign up, we can talk you through the easy sign up process and get you set up – simply contact our team today.

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